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Redefining the ingredients of the Persian cuisine is a daunting task on its own. Coupled with making it wholly fresh while packing authentic flavors of Persia is a challenge that not many can master. It’s a process that takes years of practice, discovery and refinement to perfect. Over these past two decades, Chef Kamran Khajavi made a clever art of it, creating indulgent flavors and textures that delight all senses. Chef Kamran also pushes boundaries, forges new tastes to combine the fresh and new with the traditional. Peppery, smokey, really succulent​ and charbroiled to perfection, his creations makes a strong argument for higher consideration among classic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, combined with some popular American grubs.

It certainly is a treat to have a very passionate take to Persian cuisine, but the dream was made to reality when Nomz Truck was born, a gourmet Persian food truck now​ ​proudly satisfy​ing ​cravings ​throughout ​the DMV ​apartment complexes and ​neighborhoods​ as home cooking becomes stale​ ​during the global pandemic.

The frequent use of fresh green herbs and vegetables in ​all Nomz's food made them a​ healthy ​flavorful ​choice for ​its patrons. Nomz's scrumptious dishes are ​exquisitely ​​curated using authentic ​Persian ​herbs, ​amazing sauces, fresh ​vegetables and ​beautiful ​​quality of ​​Basmati ​rice along with ​the ​best cuts of ​Halal ​meat, lamb​ or​ chicken​, ​with exotic spices (like ​Saffron, ​Turmeric, ​Cardamom, ​C​loves and ​C​innamon) reminiscent of the old trade routes that passed through the Persian Empire.

Chef Kamran take​s​ the finest ingredients and combines them with expertise in preparation and cooking traditional food​- c​reating ​delightful Persian cuisine for​ everyone to enjoy ​and crave ​again and again​.​ From crisp invigorating summer delights, to more sultry and nourishing flavors in the Fall and Winter season, Chef Kamran put together the most loved recipes to inspire and enchant!


Truly, there is nothing like eating scrumptious feast with your family and friends to commemorate and celebrate just-for-fun, birthday, religious and patriotic events. We are ready to step in to make your event festive. We're proud to offer the highest quality, most unique presentation for your special event. As one of the top caterers in the ​DMV area, ​Nomz put lots of love and careful attention in its food-catering. From January through December, there is always a good reason to party... even if you want to call it a stay-home party.


(202) 888-4120

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